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What does your vetting procedure include?

Great question! All Mindful Nannies are interviewed thoroughly, go through a background check once selected for an interview (including DMV records), social media check, reference check and more.

What is the going rate for a full-time Nanny?

The going rate really depends on what area you are in and the cost of living there. In Southern California the going rate is between 20-35 dollars per hour, depending on experience, how many children they are looking after and if there are any special requests.

How long does it take to match a family with a Nanny?

Do you have a referral program?

The amount of time varies and typically depends on the responsiveness and availability of the family. Mindful Nanny Care can typically have nannies in front of their clients within days, depending on how specific the ask is.

Yes we do! We pay a bonus to anyone who refers nannies that are placed, or a client that has a nanny placed.

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